Thursday, 30 January 2014

Conflict of Interest.

Jeffrey Beall is on the editorial board of a journal published by Taylor & Francis (T&F).  This is the Journal:
Taylor & Francis (T&F) is a commercial company. Why did Taylor & Francis (T&F) gave an editorial position to Jeffrey Beall? 
Why did Taylor & Francis gave this position to a person without M.Sc. and without Ph.D.? Obviously, because they (T&F) receive something from Jeffrey Beall:  His continuously support from his blog and the extermination of almost all the Open Access Publishers.
T&F is a also a disgusting and nasty Spammer. Taylor and Francis has accepted several fake papers in the past. 
Additionally,  Taylor and Francis officers publish comments in the blog of Jeffrey Beall very frequently.
Taylor and Francis publishes hundreds of academic journals, including STM journals.  Because T&F is a commercial enterprise, Open Access (OA) journal publishers, especially STM publishers, are T&F’s direct competition

IEEE and Jeffrey Beall
Taking into account that IEEE Conferences has published fake SCIgen Papers, it would be reasonable IEEE to be in the black list of Jeffrey Beall. Right? See

Two Fake Papers in IEEE EBISS and
and many others (Google: IEEE Fake Conferences or IEEE Bogus Conferences or IEEE SCIgen)
Then why IEEE is not in Beall's list?

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