Friday, 31 January 2014

New Spam from the predatory publisher: Taylor and Francis (Taylor and Francis has accepted mny fake bogus papers, even SCIgen)

New Spam from the predatory publisher: Taylor and Francis (Taylor and Francis has accepted mny fake bogus papers, even SCIgen). There is also a very strange, underground, recondite relation of Taylors and Francis with the dark, controversial personality Jeffrey Beall.
Jeffrey Beall backs Taylor and Francis and Taylors and Francis backs Jeffrey Beall. Jeffrey Beall supports openly and clearly the commercial publisher Taylor and Francis mangling several other publishers.
A similar dark, unethical, subground relation exists betwenn Hindawi and Jeffrey Beall, also between American Institute of Physics and Jeffrey Beall. Also, IASTED, a controversial commercial house of thousand fake conferences had Jeffrey Beall as Keynote Speaker. As a result Jeffrey Beall considers IASTED as legitimate organization inspite of the complaints of many blogs. Another commercial company that is the beloved boy of Jeffrey Beall is AICIT. AICIT is a fake organization, but Jeffrey Beall consider that AICIT is excellent. See
This is the recent ungly, aggresive and annoying spam from the Jeffrey-Beall sponsored Taylor and Francis:

Taylor & Francis
International Journal of Control:
Special Issues

Dear Colleague

Did you know, the International Journal of Control is now publishing an increased number of special issues?
In 2013, the journal published a total of three special issues:

The Editorials from these are all free to read now. Click above to view and access.
In 2014, the journal will continue to publish new special issues.
Upcoming Special Issues:
  • Optimization and Control of Electrical Systems
  • Applications of Continuous-Time Model Identification and Estimation
The International Journal of Control is always open to new Special Issue proposals in innovative new areas, both theoretical and applied. To propose a Special issue please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Eric Rogers:
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Best wishes,
Ben Hudson
Systems & Control Journals
journal cover
Prof. Eric Rogers
University of Southampton, UK
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